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Ellie Russell

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Registered: 11-13-2021

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Additional Info About Ellie Russell
Pronouns: She, Her
Age: 15
Occupation: Maid
Class: Working Class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Parents: Overworkerd
Brother: Edward Russell
Sisters: Too Many
Physical Description: Medium height with features a young working class lad might find pleasing.
History: Ellie was born and raised in the Cragg to a fishing family. Her mother developed a reputation in the Cragg of making excellent pies and treats. Her father had the misfortune of having too many daughters and not enough sons to help with the fishing. Consequently, Ellie was put to work early in domestic service after the minimum of schooling, while also continuing to help her family at home.

Ellie remains generally optimistic and cheerful, usually found greeting life with a smile, perhaps due to the naivety of youth, or due to living up to the meaning of the name her mother chose for her: 'bright light'.

She dreamt of one day working in one of the grand houses around Whitby surrounded by finery. Her first employers were a middle class couple in Argyle Street, but they were...difficult, but Ellie stayed because her family needed her wages, and leaving would have made her guilty. The loss of her social standing within her family would also be too hard for her.

Recently, Ellie has answered the advert placed by Christine Pennyweather, a local book seller, for a live in maid. Fortune smiled on her and she was offered the job. This has meant an increase in her standard of living, much to the girl's delight.

On her rare days off, Ellie loves to go to the pavilion and see a performance or to one of the cheap dances.
OOC Preferences: As a young girl taking her first steps in a wider world, she'd probably do lots of things: see hardship and sorrow, fall in and out of love, etc. If you have ideas, let's chat. If your idea is serious or grim given the character is under 18, fade to black is best.
Alias: BlackAck

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