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Menachem Meijer
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Registered: 07-21-2019

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Additional Info About Menachem Meijer
Pronouns: He Him
Age: 24
Occupation: Scoundrel
Class: Lower Class
Origins: Prague
Relationships: Mrs. Meijer (mother)
Mr. Nimrod Meijer (father)

Ruth ___ (eldest, sister)
Chaim Meijer (eldest brother)
Penina Humphries (older sister)
Nesah ____ (younger sister)
Zechariah Meijer (older brother)
Noah Meijer (younger brother)
Uriel Meijer (youngest brother)

Samuel Humphries (nephew)
Helene Humphries (niece)
Sexuality: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: He is a strong looking man with longer hair that shows he is up to no good. He almost always has a scowl to his face and his features might be hard to see since he is mostly out on the prowl after dark.
History: He is the middle child but always seems to have been marked as the black sheep. A sweet child he was bullied by his older brother and his friends. It got to him as he grew up, the bitterness and frustrations got to him and he didn't finish school.

While he got along with the majority of his household, he hated the disappointments as he barely avoided getting into any legal trouble and he eventually left home only to pop up for family gatherings always looking worse than before and trying to gain sympathy for money or favors.

The last his family heard, he had been arrested on a murder charge of a woman and now he's popped up in town supposedly a free man.
OOC Preferences: I'm good with just about anything. If anything is questionable, just pass my way but I'll most likely be fine. In group RPs, if he's not closely involved in the action or conversation, no problem skipping over a few replies or even up to a page if it's really not in his interest. XD

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