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Viktre Lanetio

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Registered: 06-10-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Viktre Lanetio
Pronouns: His/He/Him
Age: 45
Occupation: Fisherman (boats owner) / hunter / Fur trader
Class: common
Origins: Siberia
Relationships: PARENTS: Shalo and Mikita Lanetio
SIBLINGS: Misha (sister), Eva (sister) – married with two children, Fyodor (brother) – married with child on the way, and Gleb (brother)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: EYE COLO(U)R: Blue
BUILD: Muscular
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: He tries to hide it but he has the most amazing dimples making the face charming when he is smiling, so he doesn’t do it often.
TYPICAL DRESS STYLE: Dark tones, loose but not loose enough to get in the way.
History: Shalo and Mikita Lanetio had been born and raised in what most considered to be the wilderness of the Siberian frozen wasteland. Their fathers had arranged their marriage at their births. Each one was the child of a mighty family of trackers/fur traders for hire. They had fit together well, oddly enough, even though Shalo was a big brute of a man and Mikita appeared to be a small delicate thing that had almost not made it through childhood due to an epidemic that killed many of their age group. Her survival though was considered a good omen for the marriage that was to be.

They were both trained as hardy as any of that area might be. Hard working, ruddy folks that could out lift, out drink, out walk, out ride, and out live most that came up to their part of the world from elsewhere. When they married, they were given many gifts and ended up with a very prosperous trading business themselves. Mikita worked the home front part of the job, arranging for the sales and keeping track of the furs and children that came along, while Shalo went out each winter and brought back the stock needed to keep them in food, shelter and clothing.

Viktre was the first of five children. He worked beside his father learning the trade and eventually taking over Shalo’s part as the elder man got too old to go out in the worst of the winter months. Viktre enjoyed the cold weather as well as the chance to get away from the nieces and nephews that came along over the years. The family business grew and yet the game became scarcer in this area. Being the eldest, Viktre went further afield and found he enjoyed fishing as much as he enjoyed hunting. He got work with a fishing boat, and saved enough to buy his own boat. This also caused him to be away from the family longer and longer periods of time.

He didn’t mind though, and lately had been considering turning over his own part of the work to Fyodor, the next brother in line. He wanted to explore. And thus came the day when he fit actions to his thoughts, and did just as he had been thinking. His mother gave him a necklace hoping that one day he would find a girl worthy of him to give it do (this he doubted), his father gave him what would eventually be his inheritance to help Viktre get a good start with his new business. Then Viktre was off, to make a life for himself.

Viktre is always back home for his parent’s birthdays. He tries to go for Christmas, but doesn’t always make it. He does always send many presents for family members’ birthdays and Christmas though and usually something he has carved while he is out on the boat. His family is very important to him.

Ships names:
Sineye Nebo (Blue Sky)
Siniy Okean (Blue Ocean)

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