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Pony McBride

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Registered: 07-21-2019

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Additional Info About Pony McBride
Pronouns: He Him
Age: 29
Occupation: Snakeoil Salesman
Class: Lower Class
Origins: Kilkenny
Relationships: Marshall McBride (father)
Madeline McBride (mother, deceased)
Karen McBride (sister)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'11"
Physical Description: He has a very warm and charming smile, freckled cheeks and red hair. He is slim in build and cheerful green eyes.
History: Born to a wealthy doctor, his mother died after the birth of his sister. The two children lived alone for the most part as their father was too busy with work. His father lost most of his fortune and they had to live in a smaller place without the luxuries he'd been used to. It caused him to wander and get into fights which only angered his father who had hoped he would follow him into the medical field.

He was sent away to a disciplinary school and wasn't the same when he returned. He soon stole anything valuable he could and sold it to get a cart and start a snake oil business with some knowledge he gained from his father.

He took his sister with him and she helped him for many years until she found happiness in another small English town and he has continued on alone.
OOC Preferences: I'm good with just about anything. If anything is questionable, just pass my way but I'll most likely be fine. In group RPs, if he's not closely involved in the action or conversation, no problem skipping over a few replies or even up to a page if it's really not in his interest. XD

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