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Nate Appleton

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Registered: 05-21-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Nate Appleton
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 33
Occupation: Lawyer
Class: Middle Class
Origins: Castleton
Relationships: Tobias Appleton, brother
Alice Appleton, sister-in-law
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6 feet
Physical Description: Nate is of average build, sharing his siblings dark eyes and red hair. His wardrobe consists of sensible clothes in conservative styles befitting his profession.
History: Nathan Appleton’s early years were filled with loss. His youngest brother died when he was 11. Not long after, his mother died when he was 13. A few years later, his father died when he was 20. As a young man, Nathan was quite extraverted and sociable, people would tease him that he could make friends with a herring. Yet, this socialness was a bandage merely an attempt to cover the deep personal pain he felt over the loss of his family.

It was expected that he would take over the farm in Whitby, but he was never interested in farming or living in the isolated countryside. It was also noted that young Nate had promise academically, and he was eventually allowed to go to university instead to train for a profession, while Tobias took over the farm.

As a young man, Nate moved south to London and pursued the study of law becoming a member of Lincoln's Inn, one of the Inns of Court. He later returned to Yorkshire, this time to the city of Leeds. The bustle and vibrancy of that industrial town captivated young Nate and he remained in the city working steadily to further his career. His personal life has not been nearly as successful with only a few failed romantic relationships. The prospect of a stable home and loving wife sounds delightful, and would do his career some good, but the right woman has yet to make herself known.

Recently, Nate learned via letter that Tobias had married again, but that is the extent of communications between them. They were not close as children. Nate thought of Tobias as stuck up and aloof together with the resentment over their father’s pride in Tobias for choosing the farming life. Only Tobias knows what he thinks of Nate. The repeated family tragedies, time, and these entrenched beliefs have merely pushed the two of them further apart.

Reluctantly, Nate agreed to return to his hometown to consult on a legal matter with colleagues. This was supposed to be merely be a flying visit. Unfortunately, it was not. He has been forced to return home to face his brother's cosmic smugness. He is slowly rebuilding his legal career taking any case he can get.
Alias: BlackAck

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