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Patrick Hawksfield
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Registered: 05-21-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Patrick Hawksfield
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 20
Occupation: Fisherman
Class: Working Class
Origins: Robin's Hood Bay
Relationships: Jane Hawksfield, Mother
Ben Ward, Uncle
Hannah Ward (nee Hawksfield), Aunt (deceased)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5 feet 11
Physical Description: Patrick is blessed with a body well-toned from hard manual labour. His long face is topped by a mop of auburn hair and he experiences the world through a pair of pale blue eyes.
History: Patrick Hawksfield is a strapping young lad from nearby Robin Hood’s Bay. Born in 1875 to a family of fishermen, he was raised by his mother, Jane; his father having abandoned the family when Patrick was just over a year old.

An active, energetic child, young Patrick was a handful, usually the first one to do something daring, brave, or- stupid, simply because it was fun. As he grew older, Patrick became a gifted coxswain of cobles, and a reasonable cricket player. Put to work from an early age to help support the family, he has limited schooling and is therefore a bit dim, which means he might not make the best choices. Growing up poor or close to poor, has also made him stingy.

As a young teen, he also started to become aware of his sexuality, his desires being stirred by men. He soon became confused seeing that no others openly felt the same way. Consequently, he started to feel ashamed by it. He could not help that he found himself attracted to men; women just did not provoke the same reaction.

As an older teen, he was working with a boat and crew based out of Robin’s Hood Bay, but with fishing getting harder, that family decided to pack up and move on, beaching Patrick. Determined to carry on, his family reminded him of relatives who were fisherfolk in nearby Whitby, where the boats and the catches were larger. And so off he went. Arriving in Whitby, he has integrated himself nicely with his extended family. And he has fished a raving and drenched Zechariah Meijer from the harbour, unaware of the former's scandalous connections to his new family.
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Alias: BlackAck

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