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Olivia Carrington
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Registered: 05-16-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Olivia Carrington
Pronouns: She, Her
Age: 21
Occupation: Socialite
Class: Gentry
Origins: London
Relationships: Magnus Carrington III (father)
Anne Carrington (mother)
Magnus Carrington IV (brother)
Darius Carrington (brother)
Alice Carrington (sister)
Thomas Carrington (brother)
Pearl Carrington (sister)
Roderick Carrington (triplet brother 1)
Robert Carrington (triplet brother 2)
Roger Carrington (triplet brother 3)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'3
Physical Description: Olivia is more attractive than her older sister Alice, but not as beautiful as her younger sister Pearl, middle of the road. She was certainly pretty enough to land a suitor, but since his disappearance, she has been looking increasingly tired of late and seldom smiles any more.
History: Olivia is the middle daughter in the gaggle of 8 children born to Magus Carrington III, who is a wealthy merchant and raised his children as gentry.

She was raised in comfort, practicing all the skills a lady should possess with few concerns. In her youth, she formed a closer relationship to her older sister Alice than with the younger Pearl. It became evident that she did not cope well with change or uncertainty and had a habit of being quite dramatic.

Eventually, a young man named Peter presented himself and Olivia was soon besotted with him and the prospect of a life together. Peter was handsome, with indirect connections to the aristocracy, being distantly related to Baron Sandys.

Tragically, on the eve of their wedding Peter disappeared. The sudden disappearance of the man on whom she had placed her hopes and dreams sent Olivia tumbling into a deep despair from which she has yet to emerge.

Olivia is not inherently mean, she has shown flashes of kindness, but she is mostly preoccupied by thoughts of her own future and security. Her worldview is distorted by Carrington wealth and self importance.

The recent and shocking revelation that her own brother Magnus had murdered her beloved ended the questions that had filled her mind: was it something she did or said? Was there another woman? The truth has shaken her very foundations.

Desperate to be married before becomes an old shriveled maid, she has thrown herself at Thorne Culpepper with the grace of a ravenous wolf.
OOC Preferences: As a lady, Olivia would never debase herself.. Let's talk about things first.
Alias: BlackAck

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Birthday: 02-18-1984 (40 years old)
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