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Iris Carpenter

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Registered: 05-09-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Iris Carpenter
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 22
Class: Working Class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Gerald Carpenter (Husband - Deceased)
Lilianne Carpenter (Daughter - Deceased)
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5'4"
Physical Description: She is of average height with average build, though slightly curvier after childbirth. Her eyes are blue and her hair is bright red.
History: CW- Infant Loss and implications of abuse

Iris had never loved her husband. Her husband had never loved her either. He was friendly at first, but then he wasn't.

Their marriage lasted a good, five years, four of which were spent with a dark cloud hanging between them.

When she became pregnant by one of his few visits, he went into the arms of another and was shot dead by her husband.

Iris' was dependent on having a boy as to whether she could stay or not in the manor that was left behind.

She had a girl... a girl who died a mere week after birth, at that, due to complications from the birth. Iris had to move on quickly and found unexpected sanctuary in the Appleton Farm as wet nurse for their little girl.

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