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Iris Carpenter

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Registered: 05-09-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Iris Carpenter
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 22
Class: Working Class
Origins: Whitby
Family Tree: Gerald Carpenter (Husband - Deceased)
Lilianne Carpenter (Daughter - Deceased)
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5'4"
Physical Description: She is of average height with average build, though slightly curvier after childbirth. Her eyes are blue and her hair is bright red.
History: CW- Infant Loss

Iris had never loved her husband... He was much older than her, but she liked him well enough. He had, after all, saved her from ruination. It was a friendly marriage and lasted a good five years before she became pregnant with their child. When he died, she mourned him. Their daughter was born only six months after his passing. The babe was weak, and soon died after birth. Iris is now alone in the world and needing to do what she can to survive after being told she must vacate the manor house in which she had been staying in.

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