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Pearl Blacke
Posting Freak

770 Posts
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Registered: 07-21-2019

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Additional Info About Pearl Blacke
Pronouns: She, Her
Age: 18
Occupation: Socialite
Class: Gentry
Origins: London
Relationships: Magnus Carrington III (father)
Anne Carrington (Mother)
Magnus Carrington IV (brother)
Darius Carrington (brother)
Alice Carrington (Sister)
Thomas Carrington (brother)
Olivia Carrington (sister)
Roderick Carrington (triplet brother 1)
Robert Carrington (triplet brother 2)
Roger Carrington (triplet brother 3)
Sexuality: Unsure
Height: 5'2"
Physical Description: She is a petite young thing with dark, curly hair, dimples, and big brown eyes. She has a shapely figure, though it is trim.
History: She is the youngest of 8 children born to Magus Carrington III, who is a wealthy merchant and raised his children as gentry. However, this backfired. Most of the brood is... well... you'll read for yourselves. Yikes.

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