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Harry Hardcastle
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Registered: 04-12-2021

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Harry Hardcastle
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 19
Occupation: University student
Class: Upper Class
Origins: London
Relationships: A mother
A father

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6 feet 3
Physical Description: Harry is tall and broad shouldered with large hands and small eyes
History: The young Hardcastle had the misfortune of being born Herbert, a family name he steadfastly refuses to acknowledge as his own having re-invented himself at prep school as the more fashionable 'Harry'.

Harry, the only son among daughters born to a current director at Lloyds underwriters, was raised in comfort by a succession of nannies before eventually being packed off to boarding school, Westminster, to finish his growing up.

Once at school spoiled and brattish behaviour was swiftly beaten out him by older boys and the oppressive establishment of traditionalism found in English boarding schools along with much of his kindness, leaving him angry and bitter. As he grew in age and physical stature, Harry repeated the cycle of institutional abuse he was subjected too. He enjoyed the power that he wielded over younger boys and he was quite proud of his talents at being a bully.

No academic phenom, his saving grace was that he was an accomplished sportsman, his strength was handy when rowing on the river and his batting on the cricket pitch. Through his family's influence, he managed to obtain a place to read history at Cambridge where he also 'gained a blue' in cricket and tried his hand at rugby, while giving lip service to academics.

It was at Cambridge that Harry became reacquainted with Robert Carrington, a fellow Westminster student, in the year above, who Harry had faced occasionally on the playing field and the dining hall. Harry found in him a kindred spirit with a similar background and likeminded opinions on life. You know, the decline of civilised society... the necessity of women and the working classes needing to know their place or the world shall crumble.. that sort of thing..

Personality wise, Harry tended to be a follower to Robert, preferring to be the muscle to latter's brains. At present, he is idling around Britain between academic terms unwilling to try his hand at gainful employment or some other equally productive pursuit.

Harry has sought dirt on Joe Blacke with which to ruin him with little success. He also assisted in the kidnapping of Pearl Blacke in the hopes of destroying that union.
Alias: BlackAck

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Birthday: 09-23-1984 (39 years old)
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