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Kate Blacke

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Additional Info About Kate Blacke
Age: 14
Occupation: Pupil teacher
Class: Working Class
Origins: Whitby
Height: 5'1''
Physical Description: Kate has long wavy brown hair which she normally wears in a long braid with ribbons, unless she's wearing her Sunday best and she tries something fancier. She has dark eyes and delicate features. She is tall for her age, but slight, making her look more like a child that's shot up too quickly than a young lady.
History: Kate was born in Whitby, in the home of her maternal grandparents in the Cragg. When she was quite young, she moved with her parents and siblings to a terraced house in Oswy street.

Kate is the youngest of five children, but she never knew her oldest brother, since he died in infancy. Being the youngest and having a gentle nature, she had an overall good relationship with her siblings. She loved both of her parents very much and they were kind to her. Her father, who is generally quite strict, had a soft spot for her. But though Kate's childhood was generally happy, she was also a very sensitive child, and was very aware of tensions beneath the surface, and very upset whenever tensions did come to the surface. She tried to be extra good and please her parents and siblings to make sure everyone got along.

Kate did well in school and her teacher proposed that she'd apply to be a pupil teacher. Though Kate was flattered, the prospect also frightened her, because she is a shy girl and because the long days and preparation seemed intense. But her parents were very proud and encouraged her to apply. Kate was made moderator and then pupil teacher. She does well in most subjects and enjoys teaching the infants, but she struggles with the older children. She is often tired and she gets anxious over not being able to control a class or making mistakes in her teaching.

Over the last year, she has had additional stress because of her oldest brother joining the army and her sister eloping and not communicating. Kate, who felt that she had a good relationship with her sister, has been hurt by this betrayal, and she feels sad for her parents. She tries to be even kinder and more helpful and tries to be an obedient child, so that her parents don't have to worry about her as well.
OOC Preferences: No limits in language. For violence, please discuss any maiming, torture, death, or harm to a child with me first. For sexual content, no rape (see rules as well!). I generally suck at NSFW threads.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will consider a thread dead/finished and move on if I haven’t had a reply in a month (a oneliner is A-ok. I just hate my plots stagnating and my character trapped in time). I’ll probably nudge you a week before or so, in case it fell off your radar.

If we are in a group thread, I would like everyone to have a chance to reply in turn. However, if I bombed your thread, don't wait for me if I'm not responding fast enough.

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