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Magnus Carrington III
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Registered: 02-25-2021

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Additional Info About Magnus Carrington III
Pronouns: He, Him
Age: 54
Occupation: Merchant
Class: Upper
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Anne Carrington (Wife)
Magnus Carrington IV (son)
Darius Carrington (Son)
Alice Carrington (Daughter)
Thomas Carrington (Son)
Olivia Carrington (Daughter)
Roderick Carrington (triplet son1)
Robert Carrington (triplet son 2)
Roger Carrington (triplet Son 3)
Pearl Carrington (Daughter)
Sexuality: Have you seen my brood? *gestures*
Height: 5'8"
Physical Description: He has a weathered and elastic face. He is a distinguished looking fellow with crisp, silver hair and an almost, regal bearing. He has a slight paunch and he is also slightly stooped when standing but compensates by lifting his chin a little higher.
History: He was a humble man who didn't like that his damned children were acting like buffoons over his fortune. The only exception to the rules seemed to be his youngest child, and his second eldest might be a bit more modest than the others, but good lord did he let his kids get away with too many things? Yes.

Magnus was floundering inwardly as a father. Now what was he to do? Ahh, his will... That was it. He secretly changed his will. He didn't think his children would like very much what he did.

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