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Victor Wright

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Additional Info About Victor Wright
Age: 47 (November 26 1847)
Occupation: Retired actor
Origins: York
Height: 6'3"
History: Born in 1849 to a family of laborers, Victor was reared to be one as well. For many of his early years, he had no problem with that, and followed suit without any rebelling. However, in his teenage years he began to suffer from such horrible diseases as 'puberty' and 'exposure to theatre', and he, rebellious and angsty teenager that he was, decided that laboring wasn't all that interesting anyways and he wanted to do whatever the theatre people were doing. His parents sighed eternally and let him do his thing, considering that it wasn't harming anyone.

And thus began his rags-to-riches tale. Though he had no official training, he'd spent most of the time of his teenage years trying to get as close as he could. As soon as he was old enough to, and had enough funds to do so, he booked it out of York as fast as he humanly could, and naively headed off to London, theatre capital of England. He was enamored by the idea of making it big in the West End, even though there was approximately a 0.0001% chance it would happen.

He started off playing at very shady places in places that were as far off from the West End as possible. It humbled him a bit, but not too much. He was still as starry-eyed as he had been before.

And, eventually, whether by divine intervention or simply luck, he did it. He got a role, in one of those fancy theatres he'd been dreaming of forever. A role so small it could be omitted and noone would bat an eye, but a role regardless! He was ecstatic. The time went by smoothly, and the experience he'd gained from it ensured him an even smoother future. As months and years passed, he got more roles, one or two minor ones in the West End, and some in some smaller and less influential theatres.

His career started it's peak when he was cast as a lead character in some Shakespeare play he could barely remember the name of. He was ecstatic to no end, both because of the chance itself and because of the sheer amount of money he got from all the roles he'd played. It was by no means close to what, say, Irving, had but it was no small amount either.

With that money, he could afford himself some carousing and actual professional training. Everything had been going perfectly, until August 25th, 1889, where he suffered a terrible accident on-stage that put him out of business for months. No actor's career can survive through that, and especially not an actor who hasn't even been a lead.

After he'd healed, he managed to get some smaller roles here and there, but nothing to the like he had been getting before. It made sense, of course. The injury left permanent damage, and took a skill or two out of his resume. He didn't hold any ill will to those who refused him.

Eventually, he simply stopped trying to return to his glory days. It was a fool's endeavour, and it would have been a waste of time to continue. He considered staying in London, but it was expensive and his funds, nevermind that they were much bigger than the average Londonners, would be burnt through quickly. He considered returning to York, as his direct family was there, but decided against it, as he wasn't sure whether they'd want to see him return.

He eventually decided on a peaceful-sounding port town in Yorkshire. He'd enough money to buy property there and survive for at least a year with his current funds, so that's what he did.

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