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Lottie Blacke
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Additional Info About Lottie Blacke
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 48
Occupation: Wife
Class: Working Class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Elias Clark - Father
William Blacke - Husband
Charles Blacke - Son (Deceased)
John Blacke - Son
Joseph Blacke - Son
Ruth Blacke - Daughter
Kate Blacke - Daughter
Sexuality: Heterosexual
History: Charlotte, better known as Lottie, is Whitby-born and bred. Her father, Elias, was a sailor first, away with the Royal Navy then, working as a coxswain in the Whitby fishing fleet.

The Clark family lived in the Cragg with other fishing families. Young Lottie was rather headstrong in her youth, to her mother’s dismay and her father’s quiet approval. After a brief, but unhappy, spell working in a factory in the city up north Lottie returned to Whitby homesick for the sea. At some point in her youth, she had undetermined experience with art and artists. Eventually she became enamoured with a handsome and roguish railway worker named William or Bill who quickly offered his hand.

The couple were soon wed, and not long after she gave birth to a son Charles, nicknamed Charlie. With a handsome husband and young cherub, life seemed perfect for young Lottie, but being a new mother, she was inexperienced and overwhelmed. Fortunately, it takes a village, and her neighbours in the Cragg helped her. Lottie became particularly close with her neighbour Hannah Ward and her family.

Tragically at just 11 months old Charlie died. The loss of her first and dearest child tore Lottie to the bone, and affected their marriage, since her husband was expecting an heir. She would eventually have other children, she would love them all, but Charlie was her first, and in some ways she would never recover.

Lottie is seeking to recapture the happy days of her youth with a connected and close knit family. The adversarial relationship between her sons, her eldest daughter’s antics, and even the cooling of her own marriage have wounded Lottie deeply. She is trying her best to heal it by offering a warm, welcoming home to all who enter. Indeed, she has been touched by the plight of young Anne Ward, and has offered to be a source of motherly support for the girl, honouring the memory of Hannah who helped her so many years ago, much to the chagrin of Hannah's husband Ben Ward who sees Lottie as a meddler...
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Alias: BlackAck

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