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Elijah Crane

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Registered: 07-18-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Elijah Crane
Pronouns: He Him
Age: 30
Occupation: Constable
Class: Lower Class
Origins: Whitby
Relationships: Laura Crane (deceased mother)
Alexander Crane (deceased father)
Emily Harris (deceased grandmother)
Cordell Harris (deceased grandfather)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: Lanky with a large nose gives him a scarecrow like appearance. He has dark hair that is a bit longer than preferred and hazel eyes. His skin is pale and he has burn scars covering his hands and around his neck and shoulders from his youth.
History: Born in the town, Elijah was a normal kid who lived on the edge of town. When he was eight, he woke to find the house on fire. He escaped and realized his parents weren't there so he went back for them. He was too weak to be able to pull their unconscious forms and was burned from the effort.

He lost his parents and home in the fire so he went to live with his grandparents. He spent the rest of his life wanting to help people but having a fear of fire now, he went into police work. He went to school and tried to find work in London but was told he was too soft. He came home a failure, but has decided he is fine as his home town needs him even if he isn't usually taken very seriously.
OOC Preferences: I'm good with just about anything. If anything is questionable, just pass my way but I'll most likely be fine. In group RPs, if he's not closely involved in the action or conversation, no problem skipping over a few replies or even up to a page if it's really not in his interest. (Easy to do as he tends to be a wallflower unless there's something borderline criminal going on )

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