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Susan Thorn
Sarcastic and waggish

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Registered: 12-09-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Susan Thorn
Pronouns: She/her
Age: 18
Occupation: Poet
Class: Middle
Origins: Amherst, Massachusetts
Family Tree: Samuel Thorn - Father - Deceased
Christine Thorn - Mother - 42
Adam Thorn - Brother - 21
Anastasia Wentington - Sister - 19
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5"8
Physical Description: She takes the appearance of a young lady. She has fair hair that boys tend to crink their necks at. Her eyes are brown, though to console herself she says they are a robust hazel. They are not. Her height is neither tall nor short, it is fine for her age. She is built sturdy like the Brougham carriage and she is proud of that. It is not everyday a woman can compare herself to a fine piece of metal.
History: She was orphaned so young she does not recall the event. She was sent to an asylum for girls. Which she was soon sent away from due to ill behavior to other girls and some nurses. She is a trouble maker and lucky to boot. She is good on farms and good with her hands. She almost always contains a small rodent or two in her pocket. For research, of course.
OOC Preferences: She is partial to ladyfolk. If a man decides to throw himself at her, she is bound to respond with a contemptuous remark that involves with his ego torn to itty-bitty pieces. Though she is fine with a cordial say hey kinship with a man or two. Men are useful, ladies, keep enough of em around so when you catch yourselves in a ditch they're there with a strong hand to lift you out of it.

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Birthday: 08-19-2002 (19 years old)
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