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Tristan Wells
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Registered: 11-14-2020

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Additional Info About Tristan Wells
Age: 31
Occupation: Physician
Class: Middle class
Origins: London
Height: 6'1''
History: Tristan’s ancestors were freed slaves who stayed in England after being freed, and soldiers and seamen who settled in London after the Napoleontic wars. His father was originally a dockworker and his mother a seamstress, but before Tristan was born, his father had set up a shipping company with some family members and others, that turned out to be successful. Tristan was born on 21 February 1864 in the East End of London. He had a seven year older brother, Silas, a three year older sister, Jessica, a two year younger sister, Frances, who died of a bad case of measles (early 1874) when Tristan was nine, and a four year younger sister, Penelope. As the business got more successful, Tristan’s father started looking into setting up his own business and moving away from the East End. When Tristan was three, the family moved to Newcastle, his father becoming a ship owner and businessman in North Shields (January 1868). The family moved a few times to a better area within Newcastle as the business became increasingly successful.

Tristan attended elementary school in Newcastle. It turned out that he was bright, and so his father was eager for him to have a good education, so that he could become a doctor or lawyer. Tristan was therefore sent to board at a grammar school in York. Although he enjoyed the classics and many other subjects, he thoroughly disliked school life: the rigid discipline, the bullying, the snobbishness, the loneliness, and the homesickness. He befriended another lonely boy with similar interests, however, and the friendship helped get through.

After finishing school, Tristan wanted to study English literature or Classics, but his father did not see a future in that and gave him the choice between becoming a doctor or a lawyer. Tristan chose the former and went to the prestigious Edinburgh School of Medicine. After obtaining his degree he stayed on a little to specialize in insanity and lunacy. He wanted to do research, but could not find a professor willing to supervise him. And so, instead, he went to work at Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane for a year (1889-1890), after which he moved to the Leeds area to work at High Royds Hospital, where he still works. Occasionally he also does criminal and pauper assessments. Tristan sees a lot of problems in the way insanity is dealt with and although a lot of things are changing, he feels more fundamental change is needed. This inspired him to recently submit another proposal for research, but he was once again rejected. Feeling discouraged, he now considers leaving the field altogether and setting up his own practice.

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