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Vela Rosewine

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Registered: 09-12-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Vela Rosewine
Pronouns: her/she
Age: 22
Occupation: Private Chef
Class: Upper Class
Origins: London, England
Relationships: Mother
Plotter: https://bywitandwhitby.rpginitiative.com...hp?tid=366
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'5"
Physical Description: Slender with dark long hair. Green eyes.
History: Vela's paternal grandparents made their money in the shipping business. They bought a lovely property outside London. The family house now belongs to her parents.

Her parents were quite social, thus Vela was often alone. She grew up with governesses and spent time with the chef in the gardens (including an herb garden). The family had hired quite a well-recommended chef, paying a great amount for the skill. The chef had found the young lady to have an instinct and encouraged Vela to follow her interest in cooking.

Her parents were dismayed when the young lady decided after her debut to continue training to become a chef. It took the chef having her plan and cook a major dinner for the family without letting the Rosewine family know that it wasn't him. It had gathered so many compliments from the guests, that the parents had agreed to allow her to continue. They did love their daughter, but life was not going to be the one they had hoped for her.

Vela moved around hired by various well-placed families and ended up in Whitby. Having worked for one of the high placed families there, she decided to stay. She rented a small cottage and grew her own vegetables.

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