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Stephen C. Clarke
Organist and Choirmaster

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Registered: 07-06-2019

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Additional Info About Stephen C. Clarke
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 37
Occupation: Musician
Class: Middle class
Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5'6"
Physical Description: Light brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, thin, well-kept, clean-shaven.
History: Stephen has been organist and choirmaster of St. Hilda's Anglican Church for eleven years, as well as teaching music classes and private lessons around the area, taking (or, rather, hoping to take) composition commissions, and conducting community ensembles - a typical combination of part-time jobs for a musician. He has been content to lead a bachelor's life, focusing his energy on his music.

Stephen's biggest passion is composition, and he hopes that at least one of his works will become widely performed and go down in the history books. His works have rarely been performed except by his own ensembles, however.

Recently, he has been less and less able to maintain a faith in God; the life of the church has seemed more and more like empty ritual. Coincidentally, he has also found his eyes straying toward other men.

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