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John Parker
book man

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Registered: 05-27-2020

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Additional Info About John Parker
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 33 (April 26 1861)
Occupation: Librarian
Origins: Blackpool
Sexuality: i wish i knew
Height: 6'3"
Physical Description: Though he is mostly otherwise completely unremarkable appearance-wise, he does have a defining trait — that being, his height and frame. He is, quite obviously, taller than most people he meets.

He has a regular-looking, albeit long face, and he has very regular-looking straight, short light brown hair. He is literally just a regular guy.
History: He was born in Blackpool and remained there for most of his life, but at the tender age of 30, he decided that he's going to move away. The big-town life simply was not for him.. And off he went to Whitby, where he now owns and (gasp) works in a small circulating library.

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