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Donald S Witaker

171 Posts
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Registered: 05-25-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Donald S Witaker
Pronouns: He, him
Age: 54
Occupation: Doctor
Class: Working
Origins: United States
Relationships: Rose Witaker (nee Allen) (Wife, deceased)
Jane Witaker (Daughter, deceased)
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5'10"
Physical Description: Ruggedly handsome, he never lacks a wide smile when he is around people unless he is treating a grave illness. He is bewhiskered with a full beard and salt and pepper hair. He has laughing green eyes.
History: Dr. Witaker was a man of learning, who dedicated his life to his craft. He had everything, his budding carreer, a beautiful wife with a babe on the way... Then tragedy struck when his wife gave birth to a baby girl and both died of complications of childbirth. He decided to work hard at his vocation in her memory so he could help people like her and perhaps keep another from dying needlessly.

Donald decided recently that he wanted to open a clinic in Witby, and there he arrived.

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