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Rose Willaby
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Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Rose Willaby
Age: 19
Occupation: Baker's wife
Class: Working class
Origins: Whitby
History: 1876: Rose Ward is born on 18 May. At that time her parents already have a seven year old son, Tom, a five year old son, Simon, and a one year old daughter, Maggie. They had another daughter, but she died within a few months. Rose’s parents are fishing folk and Rose spends most of her early childhood following her mother or siblings around and helping to collect bait for the fishing lines, repair nets, and make and repair garments, until she goes to school and helps outside of school hours. After a few years of schooling, she leaves to help full time. It is a hard life, but their family is loving. Her parents are strict but fair. They are devoted Methodists. There is not much time for religious practice but it is woven into the fabric of their lives and they do attend Sunday worship regularly and read bible.

1878: Rose’s sister Alice is born.

1879: Rose’s sister Anne is born.

1881: Rose’s brother William is born.

1886: Rose’s brother Bram is born.

1888: Tom drowns, together with his uncle and two cousins. A lot of weight is now on Simon’s shoulders but he is not the most responsible of the family. Rose’s father becomes harder on him, trying to force him back on the right path, so Simon can take responsibility for the family should he die.

1889: Rose’s sister, Lizzie, is born. The birth leaves her mother weak. Father’s health is declining. He is easily fatigued and his heart is giving him trouble None of this is helped by the fact that Simon is quite a rebel. Late in December several members of the family fall sick with influenza. Mother and the newborn infant Lizzie pass away. Alice barely survives.

1890: Maggie gets married.

1891: Late November Simon is arrested for killing a wealthy young man from a reknown Whitby family.

1892: In the spring, Simon is tried, sentenced and hanged. With the older sons gone and father’s health deteriorating, the family must do what it can to get by. Alice had stayed in school on the advice of a teacher because she is good at learning, but is now pulled out. The children help other fishing families by collecting bait, preparing fish lines and repairing nets, and the other families help the Wards get by. One of Rose’s aunts serves a family in York and hears of a position in York, for which she manages to recommend Rose. Rose is sent there to become a maid to a well to do middle class family.

1894: Rose is suddenly sacked when the lady of the house catches her kissing her son. She is sent home without a reference. The aunt meanwhile, doesn’t want to help Rose anymore and is looking for something for Alice or Anne instead. Rose desperately searches for a way to earn money for her family and prove she is not a bad or useless daughter. She finally finds a position as maid in the home of Zech Meijer, a barrister. He treats her with contempt and Rose is eager to get out, but dares not give up her job without having something else lined up.

1895: When a young baker showed interest in Rose, Rose flung herself at him, and within no time they are engaged. Being able to quit her job, and marrying a man with more income than she ever thought she would have, the marriage started as a dream. However, within weeks the first cracks began to appear and now, a few months in, both Rose and her husband are miserable.

OOC Preferences: No limits in language. For violence, please discuss any maiming, torture, death, or harm to a child with me first. For sexual content, no rape (see rules as well!). I generally suck at NSFW threads.

Unless otherwise discussed, I will consider a thread dead/finished and move on if I haven’t had a reply in a month (a oneliner is A-ok. I just hate my plots stagnating and my character trapped in time). I’ll probably nudge you a week before or so, in case it fell off your radar.

If we are in a group thread, I would like everyone to have a chance to reply in turn. However, if I bombed your thread, don't wait for me if I'm not responding fast enough.

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