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Tobias Appleton

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Registered: 02-04-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Tobias Appleton
Age: 31
Occupation: Farmer
Class: Middle class
Origins: Castleton
History: WIP

* Born the third of three children. Oldest: Girl. Bess. Second: Boy. Nathan. Third: Tobias.

* Went to school until eighteen. Local school. School in York after that. Tobias was supposed to choose a profession while his brother would take over the farm. But brother had talent for learning. Wanted to move to the city and do something else than farming. Tobias would take over the farm.

* Mother died of flu when he was eleven.

* Brother died of TBC.

* Father died when Tobias was eighteen.

* Married childhood friend, Sallie. No children. Sallie died after several years from some common disease.

* Married local woman, Florence. No children. Florence died after several years when visiting a friend and a house fire broke out.

* After this, Tobias decided he wouldn't marry again, because he figured he couldn't have children and didn't want to leave any woman childless.

* But recently married a pregnant Whitby fishing girl who needed someone to claim the child.

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