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Ropati Fa'afili
Sommelier who Hates Wine

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Registered: 01-30-2020

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Ropati Fa'afili
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 54 (4/16/1841)
Occupation: Traveling Wine Salesman
Class: Working Class
Origins: Samoa
Relationships: Father: Deceased; coconut. Born 1811, died 1857.
Mother: Deceased; the fish bit back. Born 1815, died 1864.
15 siblings, 8 still living (open for rolling)
Plotter: Here.
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 6'0"
Physical Description: Tall, strong of build, clean-shaven and relaxed. His accent is hard to place.
History: CW: Indentured servitude, systemic racism, extensive reference to various forms of colonial violence, dubcon references.

Born in 1841, April 16th, Ropati Fa'afili grew up in the uncertainty of a shifting political climate. Throughout his childhood, Ropati lived hearing but names of men who would decide the future of people they had not even met! English men. German men. Christian men. Up until nine years old, he was fairly certain European women simply did not exist.

In 1862, he crossed paths with a Peruvian sailor. Tensions were high, and while he had heard horror story after horror story about those Europeans kidnapping Samoans, the fellow seemed nice enough; especially weighed against his family's options in their increasingly colonized homeland. Maybe they had to play the European game. Maybe, just maybe, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to win at it.

Instead, he ended up getting blackbirded to a Peruvian sugar cane operation. From a combination of the plantation owners deeming him a 'good sport' about being kidnapped, starved, and packed in a boat where he watched people he knew and got to know died, and an embellished story about being involved in Samoan royal intrigue, Ropati managed to survive the barely survivable as a domestic servant.

He learned to read and write from the daughter of the house in an awkward, uneven relationship that she mistook for the perfect romance. After she married, she complained of her husband and sighed about wishing he were Ropati instead. Once she was with child, Ropati found himself staring down two truths: one, that it was unlikely that in one lifetime he could earn out what the household claimed he 'owed' for his freedom, and two, that if that child popped out as a brown egg rather than a white one, every brown man on that field was going to be lined up and shot.

He made his escape, found work in shipping, and vomited the whole way from and to land. The second his feet hit soil, he vowed to never step foot on a ship again.

Speaking Samoan, German, Spanish, and then English, Ropati set himself up as a wine steward.

These days, he negotiates wine shipments with German and Spanish-speaking countries (because who ever wrote the English for wine?) and various restaurants and estates.
OOC Preferences: Posting Rate: Unknown.

Ask first before attempting dubcon, noncon, heavy racism themes, or lasting injuries on him.

Assume automatic consent for being mean, being really mean, skipping him in threads he's not central to, and non-life changing injuries (as long as you announce your attempted rolls in #random-generator-channel).

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