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Anthony Rowe

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Registered: 12-23-2019

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Additional Info About Anthony Rowe
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 29 (July 24 1865)
Occupation: cautionary tale
Class: Lower class
Origins: Whitby
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'1"
Physical Description: Anthony seems (from first glance, at the very least) to be a very unassuming and harmless young man, what with his short height and skinny figure. He is incredibly well-groomed for a man of his status, and takes extremely good care of his appearance—even though he knows he is not the most handsome of men, he also knows that he is still good-looking, especially with how well-kept he thinks himself to be. Anthony's hair is brown, curly and cut short, and he is incredibly vain of his hair, considering it to be one of his finest traits. His eyes are a light grey-blue colour, and his skin is light but tanned, and marred with scars and freckles and other imperfections, on his body rather than his face.

Anthony is very skinny and small and also underweight—partly because of shit genetics, partly because of an otherwise shit life. His shoulders and back are littered with freckles and the occassional tiny scars, which he despises. He has resting anxious face, and what with his constant fidgeting and twitching, may seem very nervous, squirrely and anxious even when he actually is not any of those things.
OOC Preferences: go crazy go stupid. just ask me before like killing him or anything nsfw lol

if you want to beat up anthony though then go ahead he deserves it

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