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Aslan Koç
Private Eye

302 Posts
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Registered: 07-04-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Aslan Koç
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 24 (4/19/1871)
Occupation: The law? The crime? Neden diğerleri de olmasın?
Class: Middle
Origins: York
Relationships: Father: deceased - hanged.
Mother: deceased - childbirth.
Sister: still murderin'.
Plotter: [Here]
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'3"
Physical Description: The first thing one might ‘notice’ about Aslan is that he seems very unassuming at first glance: shorter than the average 5’7”, dressed in muted colors. He seems at ease in a crowd … yet there is a sharpness in his eyes that never quite softens.

Perhaps it has something to do with how few people get the same name from the same man, or a grip like steel.

Or maybe they recognize the Koçes from the spectacle that was his father’s hanging back in York, when he isn't in disguise.
History: Once upon a time, Aslan had dreamt of being a constable. His father’s stationary life as a shopkeep looked as appealing as an upright grave to him.

Unfortunately for Aslan, there was a minimum height of 5’10”. That day never came. Instead, Aslan learned to live through befriended constables’ tales of harrowing close calls and life on the edge. Once in a while, he was invited along the beat.

Usually, nothing happened … but the nights something did were the nights he lived for.

For all he saw, nothing prepared him for what was happening in his own home.

In 1889, his father was tried sentenced for multiple murders. No one dared step foot in the shop, and no respectable job would take Aslan. The friends he had made amongst law enforcement refused to make eye contact, lest his family’s reputation spread like a disease unto them. His dreams had become nightmares. Worse yet – the murders started once more. His father was an innocent man, and still they lived in the shadow of misjudgment.

So, he and his sister sold the shop for less than it was worth. They picked up and headed out to start anew, somewhere where their faces were unknown. Somewhere that there could be a future.

And so upon their arrival, Aslan took a new path: he took out an ad in the paper as a private eye for hire.
OOC Preferences: Posting rate unknown - let me know if you have preferences.

Group Threads:
If Aslan is mainly a spectator, feel free to skip his turn. In violent or potentially violent situations that don't involve him, you still may want to wait and see if he involves himself.
I will generally consent to non-permanent effects in my absence if an announced dice roll is done in #random-generator-channel.
When in doubt, I'm usually pretty quick to respond to @s in Discord.

For major injuries, traumatic plotlines, a strong focus on racism, romantic jealousy plots, and potential sexual violations, get my consent first if you don't want that plot shut down.

For non-life threatening injuries, emotionally intense situations, and up to moderate hands-off harassment, no prior discussion is required.

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