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Registered: 06-22-2019

Biography Account Information
Additional Info About Somniac
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Thread Bomber & Admin
Sexuality: Kinsey 4.
Physical Description: Unpredictable.
History: Scholar in the streets, freak in the spreadsheets.
OOC Preferences: My default preferences:
I prefer potential character-changing event threads to have monthly+ replies OR an understanding talked out.

Group Threads:
I'm generally going to roll with being skipped, as I can be slow. as. fuckall.
I will generally consent to non-permanent effects on my characters in my absence if an announced dice roll is done in #random-generator-channel.
I will generally roll with being skipped over, but if in doubt I'm usually pretty quick to respond to @s in Discord.

For major injuries, traumatic plot lines, romantic jealousy plot lines, abusive romantic or sexual relationships, a strong focus on various -isms, and potential sexual violations against my characters, get my consent first if you don't want me to shut it down.

For non-life threatening injuries, emotionally intense situations, and up to mild hands-off sexual and racial harassment (defining "mild" as micro-aggressions and not a theme that happens every other thread), no prior discussion is required.

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