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Hi! - carlodivargas - 09-12-2021

Hi, I'm Ollie (or leporell-o on Discord), or Oliver if you particularly want to be formal. I use he and they pronouns, and I'm autistic and have ADHD so if I completely disappear... that is probably why. Please feel free to @ me on Discord if I do. I currently live in the south of the UK.

I have been roleplaying on and off since (according to my ancient account on the DragonCave Forums of all things) 2009 but I haven't really done much RPing since i was like... maybe twenty? I have roleplayed all manner of things, including the Warrior Cats series when I was really young.

In my real offline life I'm a music historian/queer historian/social historian/musicologist and opera singer -- I am currently finishing my Master's in Musicology (which means I'm writing my thesis). Other than opera I like the video game Pathologic (and its sequel), and I worked in a church for a year so I have what I think is a healthy appreciation of liturgical music.