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[CW] Never gets any easier
Cpl John Blacke 133765

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Pronouns: he/him
Age: 25
Occupation: Cpl - British Army
Plotter: The Hutchie Gazette
Height: 5ft 10inches
Alias: Hutchie
Registered: Jun 2022

John moved a little closer to pippa to make this a little more believable for passers by, make it look like two people in love. He smiled "im happy to listen to you for hours pippa, I've got all the time in the world for you"

John looked at her "even though the child isn't mine. I wouldn't treat it any differently if it was. That's not fair on you or the child. I'll raise them as I would my own"

John wondered if this would this would become more than what they were talking about. John's interest in her was growing more by the minute. He walked along the road for a few paces away from the harbour before speaking once more. "So what was your up bringing like?"

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