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The Diamond Pony

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Pronouns: She, her
Age: 19?
Occupation: Courtesan
Height: 5'11"
Registered: Aug 2019

The Diamond Pony is in search of men and women of high standard to serve as courtesans, as well as those who serve them and the clients.

Quote:Courtesan Responsibilities:
Serves as escorts to parties and gatherings for men and women who otherwise don't have a plus one.
Takes care of any needs necessary, though you have the right to refuse service if you feel unsafe.
Absorbs information, as information is a form of currency in the underworld.

Rules for Courtesans:
No falling in love
One must be of highest and latest fashion
One must be clean... bathing in perfume does not mean clean. Person in question needs to bathe between clients if certain services are obtained.
You are responsible for your own child prevention such as french letters if you do not wish to breed.
You cannot be younger than the age of consent.
You will be paid well by your clients, and you must forfeit 50%... 25% for housing costs and the other 25% goes to the Madam.

Serves drinks in the lounge
Gathers information from the loose lips

Quote:Bodyguards and guards:
Whatever the name implies.

Quote:Understaff (Maids, butlers, etc)
Serves the courtesans and the patrons both.

Personal maids will be available for the courtesans who are able to afford it, otherwise they share. Newer courtesans must serve themselves at first for the most part.

All of the above: You need not ask for permission, simply add the stuff to your character's profile and let me know what job you are filling in. For now, the main focus area of interaction would be in the market subforum.

Courtesans (PC):
Sonia DeAngelis
Corine Paterson

Courtesans (NPC):
Jenette Pierre
Mary Jamison
Alexis Johnson
Camilla Andrews
Roger Mews
Kenneth Jones
Arthur Bradbury

Other NPCs:
Martha Wise (Madam)
Genesis (Bartender)

Rest are nameless unless you name them
Junior Member

25 Posts
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Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 32
Occupation: Courtesan
Height: 5'6
Registered: Dec 2019

I will be filling in as a courtesan.

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