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Valiant Hearts | myBB | Dragon Age 4 AU | 3/3/3
The year is 9:48 Dragon, and the world is once again shaken by both natural and the unnatural forces. There's a lot in play, ever since Fen'Harel removed the Veil from its place between the worlds, losing his own life in the process. Thedas is reverting to a similar nature as the one the Evanuris knew, the Thedas that the Dalish tell stories about. Whether that is a good thing or not, is yet to be seen.

The Kingdoms of Thedas are each suffering in their own way, and the Chantry's reputation is decreasing with each passing day. With two Blights upon the horizons, and nobody to band the kingdoms together, or stand against the demons spilling forth from the Fade, life in Thedas is precarious. There are alliances forming and breaking everyday.

Will the demons take you out, or the darkspawn?
Has the Fade affected you?
Life is changing fast, it's time to find out where you stand...

  • LGBTQIA+ friendly.
  • Polyam friendly.
  • Disability friendly.
  • We strive for an accessible site, and if we need to implement changes within reason to make the site accessible, just let us know.
  • No word count.
  • Community is active.
  • Unique activity system in place; canons require 1 post a month, non-canons require 1 post every 6 months.
  • Many canon roles and franchise roles available.
  • Original characters encouraged.
  • Custom classes/specializations.
  • Voting on big site decisions.
  • No micromanagement.
  • Simple D&D dice system used for combat.
  • Choices matter and can change the world.
  • Many want ads and connections.
  • Site shop is active.
  • No experience with the games is needed.
  • Easy-to-write application.

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