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I Don't Work Here, I Just Wear The Uniform

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Age: 20
Occupation: University student
Registered: Aug 2019

Not the face! Not the face again! He scrambled up to his knees. "Stop groaning?" He pressed the cloth against his face. "I'm severely injured. But no! No need! I'll find a doctor myself." He didn't need some Hawaiian radical (attractive as she might be) and some nobody to mock him. He got up to his feet and swayed.

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Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 25
Occupation: Clerk
Height: TBD
Alias: BlackAck
Registered: Sep 2021

"As you wish!" Norman answered, shaking his head at the stubbornness of the working class. This man clearly didn't know when to accept charity. He could certainly use some. Norman turned to his female companion trying to hide his intimate familiarity with her "Are you alright, ma'am?"

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