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The St. Clair Family and Staff
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Pronouns: she/her
Age: 35
Occupation: jewelry designer and mother
Height: 5'6"
Alias: Selene
Registered: May 2022

William St. Clair, 49

William is Bess’ husband and Stephanie’s uncle. This is what I wrote about him in Bess’ profile:

Quote:Bess had just turned twenty when she met her future husband. One of her students was wearing a beautiful bracelet and she asked if she could sketch it. She gave the drawing to the child and the next day, the ten-year-old presented her with a note from her father, the local jeweler, who wished to meet her at his place of business. He said he might want to commission a sketch.

Intrigued, she went to the jewelry store that afternoon. The owner, William St. Clair, told her he was impressed with her skills and inquired as to whether he had ever tried designing jewelry before. He explained that he had been hired to make a special necklace, outlined the requirements, and asked her to draw a few designs. He decided to use one of them and showed her the finished piece. Bess was elated to see one of her drawings brought to life.

Over the next year, he bought more of her sketches and the two of them became close. William was fourteen years older than Bess and unhappily married with two young daughters. Though they tried to fight their attraction to each other, they eventually began an affair when Bess was twenty-one. A year later, his wife passed away from a short illness around the same time her father died. They consoled each other and were married as soon as the mourning period was over. Their first son was born in 1885 and their second in 1888.

The jewelry business thrived, especially after William’s sister-in-law Caroline, a wealthy heiress, wore a necklace that Bess had designed to a fancy soiree in London and made them popular among the upper class. In 1891, Caroline and her husband were killed in a carriage accident. Their eleven-year-old daughter Stephanie went to live with Caroline’s sister and her husband in the country, but ran away six months later. Bess drew a sketch of her and a search began. She was finally found three years later traipsing across a London stage.

William brought her back to live with his family. With the addition of the girl and her governess, they needed more space and have recently moved a lovely new house that sits close to the seashore. Bess thought that her childbearing years were over, but she is now four months pregnant with her third child.

The only other thing set in stone about him is that he loves Bess and will never cheat on her. Because William is such an important part of Bess’ life, please contact me if you are interested in playing him.

Stepdaughter, 23-25

This is Bess’ oldest stepdaughter. She was one of Bess’ students and 8-10 when Bess sketched her bracelet at school. She took it home and showed it to her father, which led to the meeting between him and Bess. She was 10-12 when her mother died and 11-13 when William married Bess. How she felt about her father marrying her teacher a year after her mother died is completely open, as is how she feels now.  Maybe she didn’t approve and hates Bess still or maybe she was happy about it. They could now be friends or enemies. This character might also be married with children of her own or perhaps she is widowed or still single.

Stepdaughter, 19-21

Bess’ youngest stepdaughter was 4-6 when Bess met her father, 6-8 when her mother died and 9-11 when her father remarried. She was more impressionable than her sister and might have accepted Bess immediately. Or she could have hated her or even blamed her for her mother’s death. Her personality is completely open. Like her sister, she might be married or widowed, have children, or still be single.


Maid, 30+: was hired shortly after Bess and William married. She is responsible and supervises the part-time maids.
Cook, 40+: has been with William since long before he married Bess. She is kind, practical, and has a great sense of humor
Governess. 35+: is highly-educated with many years of experience. She is helping Stephanie catch up on the education she missed while living on the street
Two Part-Time Maids, 15+: They help out wherever they are needed, including watching Bess' two sons when they are out of school
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Pronouns: He/him
Age: 49
Occupation: Jewellery/Store Owner
Height: 5ft 10 inches
Alias: Hutchie
Registered: Jul 2022

William is taken

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