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The Shepherd and The Wolf
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Hello there! I’m Thia, finally emerging from my obscenely long hibernation and ready to write. I am open to any kind of plot. I do tend to prefer plots that veer into the darker spectrum of the human experience. I want angst, drama, and raw emotional turmoil. When it comes to romance, I’m all about slow-burn, heart-wrenching, emotional whiplash inducing stuff, but it’s not a requirement. I also want to balance it all with lighter moments and create meaningful connections and relationships between characters in the chaos we create. 

[Image: O7M3UA.jpg]
28 :: 5’11” :: Priest

As a Bishop’s son, Emrys was deprived the luxury of choice when it came to answering God’s call. As with any young man without a choice, he developed a rebellious streak that stuck with him well into adulthood. Despite his fondness for mischief and his qualms against the Church, Emrys very much believes in his duties. He appointed himself as the voice for those without one. Working towards improving the lives of those he believed needed it most. The working class, the underclass, and those forgotten by a society eager to leave them behind. Emrys was content with his career in London, gladly shunning Church politics altogether. That was until he found himself with the new role as his sister’s keeper. After stumbling upon a terrible secret, Emrys decided to leave behind his life to protect his sister.

Plotting and Connections Potential

Don’t let the collar fool you, Emrys is as flawed as any other member of the flock. His imperfection,however, does not bother him. He is not interested in what is perfect and pure, it is the flawed that fuels his preaching. He is of a mind that those that need the word of God most are the ones that are not found in the pews on Sunday. This means that the priest is no stranger to seedier establishments, and in partaking in unpriestly behaviors. And while his outreach methods are peculiar, they are quite effective at connecting him with lost souls.


With the change in scenery, this shepherd is in desperate need of a flock, although he would happily settle for some friends. Being open-minded with a natural amiable disposition, it takes a truly repugnant soul to be excluded from his good graces.


A man of God has no enemies…except those that he does. While it does take a lot for Emrys to label someone an enemy, he knows it’s a title he wears in the lives of others. Having no love for propriety, and hypocrisy, he is vocal at expressing his distaste, earning him a long list of critics.


As a creature of flesh and blood, Emrys isn’t immune to certain appetites, and he certainly does not have the self-restraint to deny them entirely either. He has had lovers in the past, with no intention of matrimony. One such relationship, his longest one yet, was left behind in London in a decidedly callous way. (The role of his ex lover is open, and could potentially include a lovechild and future confrontation. Details are flexible)

  • School mates from his school days. (Marlborough College, and Keble College, Oxford.)
  • Connects made during his time in London. He spent a lot of time in less than reputable places.
  • Church connections. He has been involved in the Church of England his entire life. His father, the Bishop of London, has a number of controversial rumors tied to his name, and Emrys is proving no better.

Existing Relationships
  • Enid Wolfe: Sister.

    Current Plots

    Emrys keeps a terrible secret for his sister. It’s a secret of the murder variety, from her time as a nurse in London. This isn’t really a plot as much as the potential for one, and is open for anyone who might be interested in dealing with an overwhelmed priest and his mildly homicidal sister.

    [Image: O7M88e.jpg]
    20 :: 5’1” :: Nurse

    One does not go through a childhood like hers and end up unscathed in the process. Like any person raised to fulfill their parent’s ideals, Enid developed coping mechanisms. While others found comfort at the bottom of a bottle, or in any other number of readily available vices, Enid found her comfort in learning. She craved for knowledge the way others might crave laudanum. It was the only way to silence her mind. When she was denied the opportunity to study medicine, her first act of defiance was enrolling into nursing school. Relishing in her first taste of freedom, Enid found herself rewriting her morality as she found new, questionable ways to fulfill her need. The morally dubious outlets were plentiful in London. From Anatomy schools that were involved in body snatching to Bedlam a world too depraved for words. Naive Enid quickly succumbed to temptation, ensuring the damnation of her immortal soul.

    Plotting and Connections Potential

    Enid is an perfectionist with mad scientist energy, plagued by homicidal ideations, and a penchant for existential crises. She is driven by her insatiable curiosity and possesess the dangerously useful ability to justify anything. Her better qualities include a self-sacrificial mindset when it comes to helping others. A surprising sense of humor, and an almost endearing overbearing concern for the people she cares about.


    Enid is surprisingly self-aware of her madness, meaning that she knows better than to let her walls down. However, as hard as she tries to shut the world out, she is still drawn to the comfort of companionship, and seeks those out who might understand.


    Enid has no enemies. She is rarely noticed and when she is, she is hardly the kind of person to garner strong emotions, good or bad. At least that is her belief. She keeps her thoughts and opinions to herself to avoid the scrutiny of others.


    Enid has never loved another in a romantic capacity. The reason for which is a mystery to even herself. She isn’t so much guarded with her heart as she is unable to invoke the feelings she believes love should inspire. Although she has never experienced it, she isn’t opposed to it should the opportunity arise. Until then, she looks upon love with curiosity and any interest towards her is met with suspicion and confusion.

    • Connections made during her time in London. Like her brother, she was also involved with less than proper people, usually through her volunteer work at clinics for the poor.

    • Church connections. As a Bishop's daughter, there were social obligations that she couldn't not escape.

    • Coworkers, classmates, patients, etc. Anyone she could have come across in her nursing career.

    • Perhaps someone who suspects or even knows about her questionable/outright criminal activities. (The details of her London exploits haven't been fully fleshed out yet, so there's lots of flexibility when it comes to establishing this kind of connection)

    Existing Relationships
    • Emrys Wolfe: Brother.

      Current Plots

      Struggling with the change of scenery caused by the discovery of her interesting activities.

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I love both characters so much. I honestly think Enid could have been friends with my character Nettie Brennan who is only slightly older and came from London but followed her uncle to Whitby. She can also find friendship in Nisa who is at the moment attempting a career but has long enjoyed a secret hobby of murder, and Evelyn who is also a nurse though very low class and strange herself.

While most of my characters are catholic or agnostic, there is definitely times they could come upon Emrys, like my homeless man Francis is always willing to be used for a price, or my more vagabond like Menachem who is Jewish though not very practicing. I have my new cabby Elliot that either one could hire. I have a lot of characters so if you want to just take a look or have a role you want filled, let me know and I can see if I have someone!

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Hello, hello.

I tend toward the morbid, but less the hurt/comfort/angst aspects and moreso the absurdity and the chaos of grief. We might share interest in various moral dilemmas re: angst.

I apologize in advance: I’m very selective on the romance front and tend to be far more interested in sinking ships than driving them (though if you enjoy writing exes and all the angst/pining/etc. it can entail for your less promiscuous cast members, hit me up!).

I can also be tempted into writing angst a la rivalries.

On that note: I’d love to throw some repugnant souls Emrys’ way, and some more conflicted and/or gentler ones Enid’s way (… though probably some repugnant ones, too).

For Enid:




Potential Threads Mix Bag
  • Anita, town drunk and sleepwalking kleptomaniac, is the only witness to Enid’s crime … is she even awake? Is she sober enough to realize what just happened? Luckily for Enid, Anita is faceblind.
  • The only people Ropati finds himself less likely to trust than the authorities are white girls alone with him at night. I could see an entire polite yet deeply uncomfortable, tense thread of trying to shake a bored/lonely Enid while waiting late at the docks for a shipment. Alternatively, Ropati has a bad habit of putting his better senses aside if someone seems in crisis/distress …
  • If you want a horny gadfly flying around her, Lory judges people primarily on three traits: their gender, whether they’re friendly (or she thinks they’re friendly) toward her, and whether they’re female/attractive to her (at which point she assumes they must be friendly toward her). Excellent person to have indiscriminately vouch for Enid, if she can endure her indiscriminate (and multi-direction) pining.
  • Want someone who would give her a damned good reason to murder them? Cross Constable Coburn on a bad day and survive the beating of her life.

For Emrys

Potential Threads
  • A lot in common with Aslan; anything to do with their sisters. If Enid is the type to frame her brother, or even accidentally leave a path that could lead to them, I could see their paths intersecting that way. Though Aslan would most likely be friendly to Emrys’ face, he’s got a pretty low opinion of the local churches at the moment. He’s also protective of his proper, hypocritical sister.
  • Roderick might go to his church; it would not take long at all for him to learn him the younger brother of a serial killer. He is vulnerable to recruitment at the moment and he’s also a proper, massive hypocrite.
  • Fanny Cockburn, now Constable Francis Coburn, might have sold herself to him at some point before the recent past if his preference is unaffiliated ladies of the night. She would happily arrest him, albeit impersonally – however, it could lead to an untimely reveal of her double-life.
  • Lory is now at the high end brothel, the Diamond Pony, but she used to do discreet sex work among working and middle class men. She would hate him for his hypocrisy and she has a history of grinding axes with little provocation.
  • He was too old for Chris’ tastes, but it’s possible he might have gone to his father’s church. Chris had standards on the outside, but ultimately few lines he wouldn’t cross with the ‘right’ circumstances.

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