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Lily's Lot
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Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 35+
Alias: Lily
Registered: May 2022

Hello there! Lily is my name, being silly is my game! I’m a 35+ wife, mother, and federal employee who works too damn much. I’m pretty busy on the weekends and during the warmer months my porch becomes a place of many late nights with girlfriends and wine. I don’t really have too many triggers or things I won’t write, beyond the given (underage sexual content, non-con, ect.) so talk to me first and make sure I’m aware of yours. I can get wild sometimes.

I’m a helpless romantic that loves a good slow burn, enemies to lovers, and the more angst the better. I love to write family members and connections of the same sort. I prefer organic plotting and as it happens. I’m not sure into plotting ahead too far.

Current Characters

Aurore McKenna
41 :: France :: Merchant
[Image: ORrWDF.jpg]

Quick Details: As the final fall of the French crown tore her country apart, Aurore set her attention elsewhere and set sail for the trade-market of the West Indies. Though a few darker times came she ended up finally with her family now in the little ocean side retreat of Whitby, England. 

Current Location: Her family have a stately home on the cliffs where the woods meet the wild, and the view of the ocean is unobstructed so that she can make sure her husband gets home in time for evening meal. 

Existing Relationships


Friends: Aurore would love to make friends in the village and probably hosts a great deal of higher society things. She isn’t at the moment looking to ruin her family with needless drama, but is sure it will happen eventually. She is probably well known and looked at as an example of what a true lady would be like. She dresses in the latest fashion and is always up to date on any trend the market may show. 

Enemies: This will expand later, but for now she would like to have a bit peace, though she recently opened her mouth at the votes for women’s demonstration and with face the wrath of that soon enough.

Lucian McKenna
14 :: Prague:: Child
[Image: OR3h7A.jpg]
Quick Details: Lucian was born during some dire circumstances and those horrors are starting to show. He is quick tempered and certainly not the warmest child, but is desperately trying to find his footing. He has had the very best education and continues to excel in his studies. He is a skilled swordsman and working on his marksmanship, but ultimately just wants to find a place in the world. He is desperately in need of some friends and connections to bring him down to the real world. 

Current Location: Lives with his mother and father (see above), but when he isn’t in the estate he is somewhere in the wild or along the shore dreaming of leaving this hellish seaside life. 

Existing Relationships
Friends: Lucian has a cousin he is really close to but he can truly use some friends. He doesn’t really understand how to interact with other children and certainly hasn’t had much time to play. He would love to go on adventures and just be a child for once. 

Enemies: He probably makes them real quick but in truth it is just that he doesn’t really understand how to make friends. Like his mother, once his good opinion is lost, it is lost forever. 

Henri Lockwood
34 :: Whitby :: Merchant

 [Image: OR3D72.png]
Vision Board

Quick Details: Henri is a tradesman during the day and a bouncer at night for the Diamond Pony. He is happy with his little life and loves his family dearly, but on the horizon he can't help but feel something dark is coming. 

Current Location: Born and raised in Whitby, but his parents were born in Scotland. He still lives at home with his family though spends most of his time either at the Pony or his father's shop. 

Existing Relationships

Friends: Henri has a good handful of men he can depend on and is the first to offer aid when needed. He is a true gentleman at heart and won't allow anyone to put another down. He could probably use a few good pals that are willing to get him to unwind and go out. He could use some connections in business as well as there is always room to improve his contacts. 

Enemies: At this moment he probably doesn't have too many enemies, but after the birth of Sonja's children he figures he is about to make them.  

Lovers: Henri has and will continue to look for that perfect little misses to make a home with. He isn't one to sleep around and if asked, probably hasn't been intimate with a woman at all. He isn't one to give out his heart easy so don't expect a "put him in a thread with a single woman and he's gonna fuck it," see Héctor for that. 

Alexander Mason
20 :: Cromwell :: Clergy in Training

[Image: OR38RN.png]
Quick Details: Alexander who goes by "Alec" to those closest to him is the twin of one of Kimmie's characters and devoted to this well-being of his sister. When he isn't trying to marry her off he is busy coming up with ways to keep her close to him. (It is complicated). He is also truly devoted to the cloth and certainly could use some corruption, but those are dangerous games one should be careful playing. 

Current Location:  Though he has been spending a great deal of time at school, he is now residing with his sister in Whitby until they can work out what or whom she plans to spend the rest of her life with (so that he could kill that man? as that is what he wants to do.)

Existing Connections:

Friends: He really isn't interested in friends, they never served him much purpose before, though he does like to rub elbows with a few like minded men about the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Enemies: I'm sure he has some out there, but he is certainly going to have them. 

Lovers: This is a very careful subject as he has been brainwashed into thinking that the Church is all there is. If a woman came along and turned his head he would think her a whore. If she put him to bed? He'd drown her in Holy Water. 

Alexi-Grischa Volkova
28 :: Russia:: Fisherman

[Image: OR3H3m.jpg]

Quick Details: Alexi loves his country but he didn't leave in the best of places and avoids a lot of talk of Russia. What he does love to talk about is how much you need to be fed and what is happening on the shore. He loves his job and all the dangers that come with it. 

Current Location: He fills the bed with those that would have him, even if it is just for a cuddle. Right now he calls a little apartment above the fish market his home.  

Existing Connections: 

Friends: Alexi is truly his name...a bear. He will be the one to run to you in the middle of the night and wake up the next day to make you breakfast. He is kind to all, but for sure can be a bit wild when it comes to his drinking. He is happy to work where needed and though he hasn't expressed it much he does want to be a captain of his own ship one day. 

Enemies: He has enough in Russia and isn't willing to make any here just yet, but he knows that his lifestyle can be the target of a religious nut he certainly doesn't understand why loving another man can be such a crime. For those in Russia that may know his past...reach out. We'll chat! 

Lovers: Alexi wants to be in love, but most of all he wants to be loved as much as he does. He doesn't have a plan nor does he know how he may do it, but a family is for sure something he is wanting as well. He'd love to find someone who can sate his rather large appetite and still remember that at the end of the day he has needs too. 

32 :: France:: Musician

[Image: OR0kLW.jpg]

44 :: Spain :: Nobility

[Image: OR0LF1.jpg]

Elaine Morgan
31 :: Whitby :: Weaver

[Image: OR0yK2.jpg]

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