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[Open] [CW] Just Ordinary Post-Race Drama
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Simon had deserved everything he got, from father and from the law. He had ruined everything, and if anyone had not deserved being given money...

She heard her sister sniff and looked at her. Alice put her arm around her.
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Rose through felt the words rip through her. Whether it was the painful memories of what had happened to Simon or the painful question of who was responsible, she didn't reflect on. Both weighed on her and pressed the air out of her. "Elijah!" she called out desperately in a broke voice. "Please! Stop!"
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Here it was, out in the open. Ben was more of an ass than Tobias had known, much as he had suspected it. He'd be very happy not to listen to it. He looked over at the boat. Alice and her cousin were the only Ward girls not crying. He wondered how much the violence had been directed towards the girls as well. No wonder Alice and Anne had risked their lives on the moors. No wonder Alice had turned out the way she had.
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Ben stopped struggling when Elijah mentioned Simon. He no longer resisted when the other man took his legs. He just breathed. A high breathing. A shaky breathing. "Let's go then." He said in a shaky voice. "I'll walk. I won't resist."
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There was a lot here that he did not understand, but he gathered that this man was violent with his own children, and that child Simon was no longer alive, and it was somehow caused by this. Poor Alice. What had been done to her? Those poor other girls.

But seriously, did nobody notice that bike accident?

He nodded at Mr. Meijer and then hurried over to help Mehmet and the lady up. Ugh... She smelled of alcohol and worse. "Are you alright?" he asked them both.
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Bram appeared from the crowd and ran towards the two men arresting his father. "No! Let go of him!" he shouted. "Elijah!" He pulled at the arm of the man who was holding his father's legs, and kicked his shin.

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