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Bess St. Clair
35 | jewelry store owner and designer| practical, creative, reliable

Bess is the eldest of the Appleton siblings and has been married to the owner of St. Clair’s jewelers for twelve years. They have two young sons and they are also raising her husband’s niece. She has two stepdaughters from her husband’s first marriage. The jewelry business is booming and she and her family have recently moved from Castleton to Whitby where they live in a large house by the seashore.


Bess is outgoing and loves to socialize. She would have quite a few friends. They could visit each other for tea, go shopping together, take their children on outings, discuss the latest books, and do many other things. She is friendly to everyone who visits her jewelry store too.


Bess has no enemies that she knows of, other than the thieves who steal from her store.


She is happily married and plans to stay that way.
Stephanie St. Clair
14 | student | sweet, mischievous, outspoken

Stephanie is Bess’ niece (the daughter of her husband’s brother). Her mother was an heiress and she grew up in luxurious surroundings. When her parents died in an accident, her aunt (her mother’s sister) took her in, but all she wanted was Stephanie’s inheritance. When she couldn’t get her hands on it, she mistreated the girl and made her work for long hours doing menial jobs. Stephanie ran away and three years later, was found by her uncle acting in a London theatre. He took her in and now she lives with them, though she longs to return to the stage.


Stephanie is new to town and doesn’t know many other children yet. They may think she’s strange at first because she has the voice and poise of a toff, but she’s actually quite down to earth. She loves the beach and likes to collect shells and build sandcastles. She also enjoys exploring and getting into mischief


She has no enemies at the present time, but she might make a few. Some kids might think she’s snobby because she’s well-dressed. She says what she thinks and stands up for herself when she is ridiculed.


Stephanie might crush on a boy she likes, but it will go no far than staring at him from afar with puppy-dog eyes.

Emilios Katsaros
27 | lawyer and grieving widower | generous, honorable, reserved

Emilios was once a happy man. He lived in luxury, was a successful London lawyer, had a beautiful wife he loved with all his heart, and two adorable children. An avid art collector, he is also a patron of up-and-coming artists. When his wife passed away, he became surly and depressed. Because everything in London reminded him of his beloved Angelina, he moved to his family’s vacation house, a palatial mansion overlooking the sea. He is now trying to rebuild his life and learn to live without her.


Emilios is need of friends more than anything else. He’s a bit of a cold fish at the moment, but his demeanor could improve in the right company. He likes lively debates, games of skill, and participating in sporting events. Emilios is generous and always willing to lend a helping hand … or a handful of money … to those in need.


A wealthy person of color is going to have enemies just because he exists, but other than those narrow-minded individuals, most people have no problem with him.


Emilios lost his wife nearly a year ago and he has been drowning in sorrow ever since. Perhaps one day he will be able to open his heart to somebody else, but he is not ready for that yet.

Athanasia Katsaros
18 | Socialite | vivacious, adventurous, spoiled

Athanasia (pronounced Ah-thah-nah-SEE-uh) is Emilios’ younger sister. She was given everything her heart desired, and became a bit spoiled. A natural polyglot, she speaks several languages and picks up new ones quickly. She is also a fantastic singer. In London, she often posed for artists who were inspired by her dark beauty.


Athanasia is amiable and charming, the kind of person who will just walk up to somebody and strike up a conversation. Most of her friends would likely be other girls from wealthy families who are interested in things like clothes, boys, and shoes.


Most of her enemies would be similar to her brother’s.


Athanasia is quite flirtatious and likes to dance with handsome young men at parties and balls. She hopes to find the love of her life someday, though she is not ready to settle down at such a young age.


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hello hello!!!

Mable Reynolds as also a young girl and new to Whitby! she absolutely loves the beach and the ocean so if Stephanie is there often they might run into each other.  Mable is also a bit strange in an outgoing and exciting way but she loves mischief.  im also open to giving her enemies if that interests you more!

and if Stephanie interacts very much with Mable, she's likely to meet her brother Edmund at some point too, but thats entirely up to you :D

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Hello, Selene!


As a new money family, she might know the Carringtons. Roderick used to be your average knucklehead, but he’s likely to attempt murder in broad daylight soon. He’s available for both past and current threads – past if you want to build up to an awkward friend she might miss, and current if you want her to be subjected to his increasing anxiety and accompanying questionable decisions around his father writing all his children out of his will (after his eldest was found, dead, to be a murderer among other things).

Aslan might be in her employ over stolen jewels. Though he works with the constabulary, his bread and butter tends to be retrieving stolen goods and working on fraud cases and stealing goods, cough.

If you’d like her to get mixed up in some drama, Zechariah has a checkered past with at least one Appleton and his wife. He also runs the social rounds, mostly to schmooze.

Lory is a socialite whose origins of money are not discussed in polite company. She is seen connected to this man and that, though none of them seem to stick. She likes jewelry … as do other courtesans at her high-class brothel, so it would make sense for them to meet at Bess’ jewelry shop.


If she needs a lawyer, Zechariah is prickly but could be convinced to advocate for her if the cause seemed just and the payoff seemed even more just. He also has a lot of theater types in his family (including BrokenBaroque’s Ruth, who you may want to reach out to). He may well have seen her – he lives part time in London, and vacations/holidays in Whitby. It is possible, too, that he worked for her family – he was especially well-connected in his early days, before his main connection was killed in a high-profile and compromising altercation.

Again, Roderick might run in similar circles if she has presence in Whitby.

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Hello! I like the characters and not sure what you are looking for but I have some ideas. But feel free to look through my huge list of characters and if anything jumps at you, you can always let me know. (I sadly do not have a plotter but always happy to answer questions and open to ideas!)

Like Somniac, I play a Carrington. Darius, now the oldest son, is a very lazy man who spends most of his time holed up in his room and loves to paint and drink. He is awkward around people and doesn't usually care. He sometimes invites someone to his room to paint if they strike his creativity. He is trying to get his father's will dismissed and get everything in the estate so he can kick out his siblings and just let his mother live there. He isn't used to anyone being kind to him, as he'd been once very attached to a man named Chris who was a monster. Having someone to annoy him or attempt a friendship even if it's just to get to the money is always a possibility.

I also play two constables if she needs help protecting her business. Elijah is my nice constable who has lived in whitby almost all of his life, so she's certainly run into him. Might have even thought him her first year or so teaching. He has some secrets, and he's been listed in the paper and a magazine with rumors of him threatening a writer or beating women, possibly being gay. He hasn't commented on any of it and hopes it doesn't get brought up, he has had plenty on his plate. The other is Wesley Roberts, he looks like a very good professional constable who was sent in from York, and he is intent on cleaning up the place. He puts a nice smile and attitude on for the rich or those he thinks he needs to impress. But he will cheat and harass anyone that he considers could be a criminal, and that's almost everyone in his book. He's slimy through and through.

I could also see Bess has a slight social life with Helen Clarke who owns a boarding house for women as a sanctuary for women and girls in need. She rarely leaves the place though, but certainly will invite her over for tea and things if Bess doesn't mind. Though she may step out once in a blue moon if tempted enough to talk with someone.

For Stephanie, I have a boy named Edward who is just a bit younger than her but he likes to bully anyone not an adult (and he will bully or rob them too if he thinks he can get away with it!). A kid from a very poor family who skips school when possible, laughs in the face of danger and constables without a care, he wants to one day grow up to be a big name criminal and have everyone scared and respecting him. He'd do anything to be someone one day but he knows it'll never happen for a kid like himself with no skills, money, or connection, unless he takes it for himself.

For both, I have Christine Pennyfeather who owns a book store. She is very flaky and lazy, but she likes making friends and sometimes gives her time to help. She is teaching a newcomer from France english and how to read, and recently got a maid that she treats almost like a little sister and is helping her with her reading. She has a lot of money she inherited and is slowly burning through it while also selling her father's treasured books quickly as she can so he can be completely forgotten. So Bess and Stephanie might have an interest in hanging out in her shop if you're ever interested.

Just let me know!

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For Bess:

Obviously I have Tobias for Bess. I would love to do some past threads with them as well as current. Alice is his wife. I think she’s just too young to have been taught by Bess, which is awkward at so many levels, but obviously they know each other. Not sure how their relationship is at the moment, but I imagine that since Alice has been making Tobias’ life hard, and Tobias may have complained about her, it might not be good. Either way, I would love to work out Bess’s relationship with these two through plotting and threads.

Anne Ward knows Bess, since they have interacted when Alice and Anne were found on the moors. I think now that Bess has moved to Whitby, there is more chance for them to interact. I imagine Anne’s regard for her has decreased as she increasingly dislikes Tobias, which would allow for some tension. Not sure what Bess’s religion is atm, but she might interact with the Wards through church.

Rose Willaby and Maggie Colley are Alice’s older sisters and may have been taught by Bess in their first years (Bess may have taught their now deceased older brothers too). Maggie’s teacher thought she was bright and might become a pupil teacher, but that never happened, since she was needed at home. She’s not wealthy enough to buy jewellery and they would move in different social circles, but somehow the connection with Alice might bring them together again.

Ben Ward is Alice’s father and they have met when the girls were found. They move in very different circles as he is a fisherman, but again, may interact through Alice, or exchange civil conversation when they meet in the street or elsewhere.

Tristan Wells is doctor and he would definitely know Bess from a previous life. He was close friends with Tobias when they were in school together in York, and has spent a few weeks at the farm one summer.

Jenny Cook is Tobias’ 13 year old maid. She’s mostly in Castleton, but they will have had plenty of past interactions, as the Cooks have lived on the land since Bess was in her late teens. I was thinking Bess might have helped Jenny and some of the kids with their school work when she was visiting. I was also thinking that at some point, a younger sister might replace Jenny and maybe Jenny could become a maid to the St. Clairs? Just an idea.

Ruth Longbottom might also have been in one of Bess’s last classes, but she would probably not have been there a lot and she would have been a lot to handle. She’s still a lot to handle and might come begging for handouts.

For Stephanie:

Anne Ward is her age, but she’s a fisherlass, so apart from through Alice, they would probably not have too much reason to interact. However, they might go to the same church, and interact in the context of a girls mission organisation or something.

There would be plenty of opportunity to interact with Tobias and Alice obviously. Alice is only 1-3 years older than Stephanie, so if she needs a reason to be grossed out by her uncle (whom she probably doesn’t have a longstanding relationship with anyway) or anything…

Catherine Ennington is from one of the wealthiest families in town. Health permitting she is very active in different charities and societies, so they might know each other through one of them. They could be friends.

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