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A Wild Mountain Momma Appears
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Hello all! Despite what Discord said when I joined the party is in fact not over. I hope it has just begun! 

My name is Lillian Pelino and I go by Lily online and by my middle name (Brittany) IRL (...ask my mother why I'll never understand it. I'm from West By God Virginia (Best Virginia!) and despite being in a red state I bleed blue. I was a teen mom to a now teen herself who is just about to finish her 11th grade year! I'm a wife to my little meatball of a man, Victor, and work full time for the US Government. 

Thursday nights is champagne and bitch on my porch so if you are in the area and want to hear how a bunch of hens sound when pissed off at the world come on by! I'm an 80's baby so expect a lot of 90's jokes and despite what my child says I'm still 'da bomb'. 

I really want to say thank you for the warm welcome thus far and can't wait to continue! 

Yay to you guys being so awesome!!

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lmao I'd take you up on that if up north wasn't already too hot for me.

Welcome, Lily!

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As a fellow 80s baby from just a couple of states below, welcome! Glad to have you join the party!

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Welcome aboard, my darling friend!

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Welcome! Unleash the 90's jokes!
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Hi Lily

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