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A Time for Tea

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Betsy's attire was somewhere between Vela's and Ruth's. She'd followed the style of a fashion magazine but had made a few altercations to the dress to make it more practical for a single person to put on. The gown was a cheery yellow that matched the girls complexion and personality well, trimmed with white lace, and she'd done an excellent job of cutting it to flatter her figure without being improper. Or well, not improper by country standards it had fewer layers than most dresses worn by the nobility and could have caused a scandal because of that.


The girl all but shrieked as she was, clearly, bubbling with enthusiasm as she flung her arms around Vela and then Ruth giving both of them a tight hug.

"Oh thank you so much for coming."

The girl was all but bouncing in jubilation that the two older women had agreed to have tea with her.

"You both look stunning, oh my, uhm just a moment."

She coughs as she remembers her manners and said.

"Lady Blacke, Lady Rosewine thank you so much for coming to afternoon tea. Please, have a seat we have some tea already prepared and some lovely watercress sandwiches to start."

With that she gestures to the table that bore a classic set up for British tea time.

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