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A Letter to the Reluctant Wife
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A letter arrived to the Blacke home and was forwarded to the Blackwood household addressed to Ruth McLeod. There was no sender indicated on the envelope, but Ruth would recognize the handwriting. If she opened the letter in spite of that, it would read:

Quote:Dear Ruth,
I know you are angry with me, but please let me tell you: Life has been hell without you. I miss you. How could I be so foolish to argue with you and think we were better off apart, when you are the most beautiful woman in the world with the kindest heart, and the mother of my child?
I am sorry for the pain I have caused. I was so afraid of becoming a father, as my own father has been such a useless git, that it turned me into exactly that git. But I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching, and have turned away completely from drink and other vices. I’m a better man now, and full of regret over how I’ve treated you and everything I haven’t done to keep you by my side.
I miss the good times we’ve had. Do you remember how we used to take long walks by the seashore? Do you remember that time I brought you Turkish Delight when you were feeling down and we cuddled and fed each other Turkish Delight the entire evening? I want us to be happy like that again. I need you, Ruth. Please give me a chance to speak to you at least and tell you how sorry I am. Would you please meet me at the White Horse Inn on Monday at 8?
Yours forever,

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The nerve of the man, leaving her while she was pregnant and now he was begging her to be his loving wife again. Ruth Blacke may have been foolish once, but she was not going to stand for such tomfoolery! After writing down his address, she chucked his letter in the fire that cooked that night's supper, and then she wrote a reply, sealing it with a plain, wax wafer and sending it with the next post.

Quote:To my "Loving Husband,"

Why would I ever walk back into the arms of the devil? I've danced with him enough. Leave me be and go back to the fire and brimstone where you belong. And do not even think to take my babe from me. He's mine. Stay away!

Your "Loving Wife."

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