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[CW] I'll Destroy You
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"Officer!" Tristan called out, too late.

Mrs. Carrington sat in a chair, the top of her body only covered by her chemise, corset and camisole. The bodice had been taken off and hung over another chair so that she could reveal her arm for the doctor's inspection. There were indeed bruises where Tristan had indicated

The lady shrieked when the constable barged in. She got up, grabbed her bodice with her good arm, swayed and sank back down into her chair. "Sir!" she cried out indignant.

Tristan came running into the room. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't done treating Mrs. Carrington, sir. I just thought you ought to know the situation."

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"Oh, I, well, um, er.." Bert stammered trying to backpedal "What's that sergeant?" He called out loudly in the direction of the back office. "Excuse me." Bert answered beating a retreat faster than the Horseguards at Buckingham Palace. The question was fake, made up on the spot to remove himself from the room.
When constabulary duty's to be done...

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