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A New Life - Open Thread
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Catching the look of sadness that she was given, she frowned herself. Maybe they would have had a place for her, maybe not. Hell, they barely had a place for themselves. Sighing, she looks ahead as she rolls her shoulder back into a simple shrug.

"Maybe... They barely had enough for themselves."

She did not say anything else on it. What could she say? Nothing changed it, nothing made it better. When he inquired about a job keeping her, she looks up to the man. Shaking her head, she frowns.

"No, I only got here. I have spoken with a few of the pubs and they seem promising, but no. Why do you ask?"
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Thinking back to some places near the Earl's properties.  Douglas tried to help where he could, but he had to focus on his own people and employees.  Though the Earl was more generous to the arts and wouldn't let those near the home property go hungered.

"Aye, it can be hard in some places."  He agreed.

When she had responded to his question, he continued.  "My employer is in need of a cook, if yu are skilled in that, I might give a word for you."  He offered.

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