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[Complete] Finding a good match for the Vaughn family
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"Oh, so a hero then."  Miss Cora said with a smile thinking of the gentlemanly action.  "And a romantic thing to share a pastry."  She smiled at Mrs. Pearson who nodded sipping her tea.

"Knowing that you like sweet things, I will make sure to have plenty around the kitchen for you."  Miss Cora added with a smile.  "I think baking is the best kind of cooking.  People are always sneaking in to see what the smell is coming from the oven and I get to visit." 

"And by that she means gossip."  Mrs. Pearson joked though it was the truth. 

"And who do I share the information with, Mrs. Pearson?"  Miss Cora gave a slight quirk of her lips as she teased her friend, but also with truth.

"I didn't say it was a bad thing."  Mrs. Pearson replied.  "We don't do it meanly, Miss Delilah."  She added quickly so the young woman wouldn't think they were terrible women.  "We like to know about our family here on the property.  We take care of each other and knowing what is going on allows us to see to their needs."   Well, mainly.  Part of it was just they liked to know what was going on.  They were kind people though and the single employees were always seen to when they were sick or in need of something.

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"Well..." she said... "I suppose if tis done in friendly manner..." She gave a grin then and smoothed her hands down her skirt. If she was disapproving at all, she did not show it.

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