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Beats by Bert

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Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 35
Occupation: Police Constable
Plotter: Beat's by Bert
Height: 6 feet 3
Alias: BlackAck
Registered: Feb 2021

Albert Hailey
Age: 35
Place(s) they live(d):
  • Middlesbrough
  • Whitby
Profession: Police Constable
Current Location: On the Beat
From Whence They Came: Middlesbrough
  • 1860: Albert Hailey is born
  • 1881: Albert Hailey joins the Middlesbrough Police
  • 1895: Albert Hailey transfers to the Whitby Town Police

  • He's courting Delilah O'Connor

Potential Threads
  • Preventing Crime
  • Committing Crime? (If the price is high enough)

Existing Relationships

He's shared a pastry with Delilah O'Connor
He unsuccessfully tried to arrest Nat Walker for being an orphan

Current Plots

1. On My Patch with Francis Cockburn

Completed Plots

1. Cameo in The Wayward Daughter with Ruth Blacke
2. Cameo in My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? with lots of people 
3. Cameo in Goodbye and thank you with Anthony Rowe and Tristan Wells
4. Nothing like home? with Nat Walker
5. Sweet Treats with Delilah O'Connor
6. Children Are a Blessing... Sometimes with various concerned parents
1. Bert Goes to Court with Delilah O'Connor
2. [CW] I'll Destroy You with Anne Carrington

Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D. Please note that this template may be altered in any way from its original form to better suit individual plot-requesting needs. If redistributing in an altered format, please include credit for the original template.

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