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[Complete] A Letter from East of Suez

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A letter arrived at a terraced house in Osway Street.

From 133765 Blacke, J. L Cpl
2nd Green Howards
via Southampton

Dearest Mam,

I am sorry that I 'ave not written sooner, Sergeant Ridley is 'elpin' me write this as me letters are poor. Yer be pleased to know. I 'ave been promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal because of my fine skills as a solider, and the regiment needed them.  Means more pay n' allowances, but alas me new duties keep me busy, leaving little room for nowt but sleeping and feeding.

As far as the soldiering goes, I am safe. Theyre are bandits out 'ere on the North West Frontier, but they can't shoot fer nowt and they run when they see the Green Howards coming. There's more danger fer us from the flies, the 'eat, and the grub. Speakin' of grub I miss yer fish pie. I 'ope you 'and pa are fair'n well and that Kate is growin' up well.  

I must close now to catch the post. 

Your Loving Son


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