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[Complete] "Vigdis Dahl, Welcome Home"
Vigdis the Darlin' of the Crimson Ghost

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Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 24
Occupation: Scallywag
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OOC: I can't decide if this is a completed thread or to leave it open.  If you wish to join, throw your ideas my way

It wasn’t uncommon for them to land without docking.  The Crimson Ghost would send one small landing party for only 36 hours.  They land somewhere discreet and hide the dinghy.  They’d pillage and loot, sometimes purchase, different things they needed or wanted.  Pit-stops, if you will.  The Captain wouldn’t always send the same the crewmen every time.  There were rotations.  Vigdis was on that rotation.  She was small and lithe.  She could get into places and steal things the men couldn’t.  The wealthier the town, he’d send her little landing party.  She had no reason to question when he announced that she was going ashore for the third time in a row.  

The young woman had been in Whitby for twenty-eight hours.  She’d visited the fair, taken a nap, and gone to the train station.  A few other stops here and there to fill a carpetbag of loot.  Vigdis made her way down to the beach where they had hidden their dinghy.  It was common practice to unload their loot and go back for more.  She had taken her boots off, tied the laces together and slung them over her shoulder with her knapsack.  Vigga loved the feeling of sand under her feet and between her toes.  As soon she had her feet in the sand, Vigdis paused and closed her eyes.  A deep inhale, she took a moment to just experience the moment.  The smell of the sea air, the sound of the water lapping against the beach.  She was happy, content.

She didn't care much for Whitby.  From the folk she had met and interacted with, this place was too stuffy, too serious.  She wanted fun and games.  They didn't care to join in or answer her questions.  She wasn't allowed to be curious.  Feeling more comfortable on the beach, she pulled her hat off and opened her eyes.  The long blonde curls spilled out from under the wide brimmed at and bounced of their own accord.  While the color was light, her hair and eyes denoted that she was not completely Caucasian.  It wasn't something she ever thought to question, though did find herself envious of people with blue eyes and manageable hair. 

Vigga moved on with a sigh, toward where they had stowed the dinghy.  She hadn't run into the other that landed with her at all since they arrived.  It was odd but did happen on occasion.  She was hoping to meet up with at least one of them tonight.  Perhaps share some rum and stories.  Lord knew she was bored.  As she approached the spot they left the small row boat, a sinking feeling started to overcome her.  The beach didn't quite look the same.  With only moonlight to guide her, she thought maybe she got her locations mixed up and was in the wrong spot. 

Upon arriving, where the boat should have been stood a post.  It had purposefully placed there, buried part way in the sand as to stand straight up.  A double edged dagger pinned a sealed envelope to the post.  Vigdis immediately recognized the Captain's dagger and wax seal.  Hanging from the hilt of the long dagger was it's own scabbard and a necklace.  She had never seen that piece of jewelry before.  The Captain had his secrets, even if she had snuck into his quarters to snoop about on many occasions.  Vigdis dropped both the carpetbag and knapsack where she stood.  Her hat and boots fell as well.  None of that was paid attention as she reached in her jacket pocket for her spyglass. 

She knew.  Even without looking through it yet.  Telescoping it out to full length, she raised it to her eye and closed the other.  The young woman scanned the horizon for the Captain's ship, for his banner.  There was none.  The wind had favored leaving the harbor.  If the others set the post and then went directly back to the Crimson Ghost, they had a full day to sail away without her.  Still, she looked.  He wouldn't have left her.

The emotions that bubbled up inside her were foreign.  She was scared but in a way that  Vigga had never been before.  She was anxious, but not filled with the excitement that usually came with it when she was off on one of her adventures.  Her hands shook as she lowered the spyglass.  Vigga moved back to the post and pulled the necklace off the dagger.  The pendant was a locket, made from two Spanish Doubloons.  The craftmanship was exquisite, seamless.  Unlatching it, it opened with ease.  Only one side had a portrait.  It was of a young woman she had never seen before.  Vigdis felt a twinge in the bottom of her stomach, like there was something she was supposed to know but didn't. 

The blonde's breath shook as she clasped the necklace around her own neck and the felt the weight of the doubloon locket fall on her chest.  It seemed heavier than it should, as if it carried the weight of a world she knew nothing about.  She reached up and grasped both the dagger hilt and an edge to the envelope.  Tucking the envelope under her arm, she sheathed the dagger and shoved it down between her belt and trousers.  It had been the Captain's personal dagger for her entire life.  It never left his side.  Yet, he had left it for her. 

Turning her attention back to the seal envelope, she flipped it over in her hands.  It was a thick envelope too.  Squeezing it, she surmised that it was filled with paper, nothing else.  Her name was on the outside with two other words: WELCOME HOME. Her name was the one thing he had taught her how to read and spell.  He had taught her that names were important and hers was as well. It was an ancient name that didn't get much use in modern society and it suited her well.  She would grow to be a 'war goddess' after her name sake.

Clutching the still sealed envelope to her chest, Vigdis found herself at a loss.  She was alone, truly alone now.  Even without being able to read the words, she knew she had been marooned.  She didn't know how to process what was happening to her and stared blankly off toward the horizon.  Vigdis didn’t cry.  After all, there had been no room for tears on a pirate ship.

"There are few things as dangerous as curiosity, for it is never satiated and curious people are always coming up with more questions to ask."


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