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Welcome to the Whitby Fair!

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It’s time for the Whitby fair! A wonderful opportunity for children to play, young folk to court, stall and riding machine owners to make money, and pick-pockets to make even more money. Young and old, rich and poor, it doesn’t matter now! Who doesn’t want to visit the fair?
Forget your daily troubles and have a ride on the roundabout or the boat swings. Play games to win prices. Knock a coconut off a stance with a ball to win… a coconut. Have a go at darts and win a prize for your darling (please try not to injure anyone).  Or if you’re really adventurous, try your skill with a rifle. Can you shoot three objects? The owner of the stall doesn’t count.
 Or perhaps you would like your fortune told? Perhaps you can spare a penny or two to watch the magician’s show in that large colourful tent over there? Or perhaps you can’t, and you sneak in on the other side.
After all that excitement you must be hungry. There’s plenty of food and drink stalls to help you empty your purse. Ginger beer? Lemonade? Roasted chestnuts? Ginger bread? Meat pies? It’s all there, and more.

687 Posts
35 Threads
Registered: Jun 2019

I have only mentioned a few possible rides, games, and other attractions, but feel free to add others in your own threads. Here are a few links, if you are looking for inspiration:


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