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Relevant:  I have a head full of boys.  I do not drive this car.

Moderately relevant:  Veteran RPer.  One who writes.  NorCal native, Austinite by transplant.  Too old for nonsense.  Posts slow as fuck.

Dubiously relevant:  Finds history as a study hugely entertaining.  Finds period films with gorgeous costumes and pretty settings hugely entertaining.  Finds obscure words and their evolution hugely entertaining.  Is a bookaholic on the way to recovery - just kidding, is on the way to the bookstore.  Wants to put all your male face claims in top hats and cravats.

Certainly irrelevant:  Sings beautifully, but not while writing.  Makes amazing red beans and rice.  Once met Pete Townshend and is old enough to know who that is.  Cursed with a sense of grandeur.

Poke me to plot - Discord, JENACE#4306

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Welcome Jenace!

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Hello! Happy to have you!

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