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[Complete] The Waves that Plow To and Fro

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Pronouns: He Him
Age: 29
Occupation: Snakeoil Salesman
Height: 5'11"
Registered: Jul 2019

Pony was about to argue when she slipped out her feelings. He held out a hand towards her. "My point exactly! You've never been in love! You thought you were but it was just a little affection. Love, actual love, can't turn so quick. If it could it wasn't real! I liked you. I thought you were beautiful and fun to be around and kind. But I never said it was love even to myself because how could I know? I didn't know you well enough, everyone can look great if you see their good side and you spend all your time only saying nice things to each other and acting like a friend. Do you honestly think real love is so coincidental that the moment my sister is single and she happens to meet a single man she finds handsome it just works? That boggles my mind!"

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