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[Complete] The Waves that Plow To and Fro

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Pronouns: He Him
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Pony rolled his eyes. "If I didn't care about your feelings or your opinion, I wouldn't have gotten angry." He decided he didn't care to be around anymore since she wasn't leaving either. So he started to walk to the cart and get Jenny in place so he could strap her back in. "I don't care or like people. I find something I have in common and that lets me see them as a person, and that doesn't happen often. But I still had ideals about what people should be like. I thought that 'love' and 'marriage' are important things that take time. But you and my sister think other people are disposable and a new one can be gained as quickly as a new shirt. It makes me feel like I don't know either one of you and I don't want to. I don't want to get married, but now that I've lost my only family I had left. I sort of hope maybe one day I will find out if there's people out there that really do care about others and believe in something deeper than what I've always considered as puppy love.'

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